The use of the FlexDex instrument has a (short) learning curve that must be followed carefully in order to utilize the maximum potential of the instrument. From the moment you register, you can already get acquainted with the exercises to learn how to use FlexDex by studying the training videos on the website. The planned training covers two half-day sessions in which you are familiarized with the robotic functionality of FlexDex so that you are ready to use FlexDex in your hospital.

There is a special introduction offer where there is no cost of training for you. If you want to start with the FlexDex precision instrument, please complete the form below. After you have submitted the form you will receive a confirmation of participation by email, after that you will be contacted about the further course.

The condition for participation in the free FlexDex training is, in addition to the registration, a reference number for the purchase of 9 instruments. The reason we ask you this is that we will send you 9 instruments immediately after the training so that you can start immediately in your hospital and thereby smoothly go through the learning curve. Your registration is final if there is a reference number from your purchasing department known to us. If desired, the Alphatron Surgical team can support you in requesting a reference number with your purchase holder.


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  Do you need support when applying for a reference number from the hospital? 
If so, please fill in the information below from the Purchasing Department within the hospital..