FlexDex studies/publications

Much research is already being done on FlexDex. At the Meander Medical Center, under the direction of Prof. dr. Dr. Ivo Broeders started a study The FlexDex comparison is done with the Da Vinci Robot and standard laprascopic instruments. In addition, the following studies / publications / posters and presentations have recently appeared: 

Dr. Joel Duning (James Cook University Hospital, UK) used FlexDex for thoracic surgery and compares FlexDex in this study with the Da Vinci robot.
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Dr. Marco Nardini (University Hospital of Catania, Italy) presented during the ESTS 2018 a comparison between different technologies for diaphragm plication.
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Dr. Kent Bowden (Munson Cadillac Hospital, USA) published a poster on SAGES, 2018, He is discussing the latest low cost robot technology in comparison with the daVinci robot for herniated procedures.
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"Revolitionizing Surgeon Powered Robotics", an article about FlexDex in the magazine International Opulence. 
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Dr. Simone Crivellaro, (University of Illinois in Chicago, USA) One of the first users of FlexDex and the first urologist to become a partial nephrectomy with the FlexDex Needle Driver has won a new study. 
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