• Revolutionizing Surgeon Powered Robotics

    A new intuitive robotic wrist-mounted needle driver - which costs hundreds not millions - makes minimally invasive robotic surgery availabl to all.

  • Surgeon performs 100th case using FlexDex

    Dr. Kent Bowden, a general surgeon at the Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital just performed his 100th case using the FlexDex™ Needle Driver. Dr. Bowden has done more cases with FlexDex than any other sugeon, and will be the first surgeon to receive the FlexDex Centurion award. He’ll also be leading a new generation of FlexDexperts™, offering advice and guidance to the international surgical community as they adopt the new technology. The following is a short interview conducted with Dr. Bowden following his 100th case.

  • Robotic surgery without the robot

    Robotic surgical systems have made great strides in recent years, becoming a critical component of most advanced surgical centers’ capabilities. Enabling minimally invasive, or laparoscopic, surgery in particular, these robotic assistants have helped ensure better outcomes and shorter hospital stays for patients. However, now a new device aims to build on this success and make surgery even simpler for many patients.

  • FlexDex: Simplicity of intuitive control

    The minimal invasive instrument that moves like you!