Stable image during minimally invasive procedures.
Intuitive and easy to operate.

Mofixx is a simple and intuitive tool to position and fix the laparoscope during minimally invasive surgery. Mofixx fixes the laparoscope (and other instruments) in any desired position and provides a calm and stable image of the laparoscopic operation. By pressing a switch on the laparoscope, it can be positioned intuitively with one hand. Releasing the switch allows the laparoscope to be fixed in the indicated position. Because the operator can position the Mofixx himself, fewer hands are needed for an MIS procedure. Due to the design of Mofixx the operator works more ergonomically and more room is created on the operating table.


The benefits of Mofixx for your Hospital

Mofixx is a product that allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures with improved quality and improved cost efficiency.

  • Cost reduction per procedure: low cost purchase
  • Easy in use
  • Stable image quality
  • CompactVersatile (for endoscope & instrument)
  • "Drag and drop"
  • Ergonomic
  • "Solo surgery" possible
  • Can be used in all operating rooms


For sinlge use only:

  • Trocar
  • Sterile cover
  • Switch



  • Adapter
  • Elektronic arm
  • Power cable
  • Generator
  • Charger
  • Clamp