FlexDex; The minimal invasive instrument that moves like you!

Surgery robots have become popular because traditional, minimally invasive surgical instruments do not offer natural agility. In addition, it takes a lot of time to master the technique of, for example, laparoscopic stitching. FlexDex, a Brighton Michigan company, has developed a completely new control mechanism for minimally invasive surgery that is intuitive, provides tactile feedback, is disposable and does not cost millions. It is based on the technology called "virtual center" that transfers the movement of the wrist of the surgeon fully mechanically through the shaft of the instrument to the needle master. With both the gimbal and the revolving handle, the surgeon has all the freedom while maintaining the natural control over the instrument where laparoscopic stitching becomes child's play.

The advantages of the FlexDex precision instrument for your hospital

The FlexDex precision instrument gives operators a robotic surgical functionality, without the purchase costs of a cost-intensive robot. The FlexDex system does not have a maintenance contract, as needed for a robot, because it is a disposable system.

The operators receive a free training for 3 to 6 hours in which all skills are learned. There is no need to train a whole team of doctors and nurses for weeks at high costs. The absence of the surgical team in the hospital is kept to a minimum.

When using FlexDex precision instrument, you can continue to use standard cover materials and standard laparoscopy instruments in your hospital. By using the FlexDex precision instrument, you can save hundreds, but often thousands of euros per procedure that you do not perform with the robot. In addition, the FlexDex system has no docking time, such as with the robot, so that the changeover times on your operating complex will be kept to a minimum. You can use the FlexDex precision instrument on all operating rooms so that waiting lists are effectively kept as short as possible.

There are advantages for your hospital when using the FlexDex precision instrument in relation to the robot:

  • Robotic surgical functionality without high purchase costs
  • Disposable system, no maintenance contract
  • Free training
  • Short training duration 3 to 6 hours
  • The standard cover materials and laparoscopy instruments will remain usable
  • Great savings per intervention
  • No docking time, minimal changeover times
  • Can be used in all operating rooms
  • Intuitive with tactile feedback
  • Ergonomic

Furthermore, the system has an intuitive operation for the operator with tactile feedback, which can be used without any effort. This makes laparoscopic stitching easy for every operator! The ergonomic advantages of the FlexDex precision instrument ensure that the operator goes home relaxed after a day in the operating room, to be ready for your patients the next day without any symptoms of the musculoskeletal system.